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Sasha Galizki, aerial acrobat and founder of Sea to Cirque, speaks about her love of aerial silks and calling Squamish home.

Nature Canada’s ‘Save our Swallows’ campaign works to engage local partners into protecting declining bird species in Ontario.

The best way to film a dragonboat festival? Find a dragonboater willing to strap on a GoPro!

As part of the Squamish Chief’s election coverage we produced 20 video profiles, one for each candidate, to help introduce them to voters. The entire playlist can be viewed on YouTube.

Short video breaking down the work of Actua North, who use video conference technology to teach children in northern communities.

Social-friendly videos developed to compliment Metro Ottawa news coverage.

Video Portfolio

From GoPros to DSLRs, I love the challenge of combining video and audio to tell a story. See some of my recent work to the left.