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About Me

I’m a Canadian freelance photographer and writer with a passion for capturing action sports and the outdoors. I like to tell stories and I don’t have a loyalty to any particular medium – photography, radio, maps, video and words are all fair game.

I’ve been published nation-wide across the Metro newspaper chain, in The Ottawa Business Journal, The Hamilton Spectator, the National Post, the Squamish Chief, Whistler Question and Inuit Art Quarterly.

When it comes to photography I just want to capture the action. I’m still learning how to use lighting and editing to capture unique moments and I recently moved to BC to focus on outdoor sports. Outside of photography, I freelance write, design graphics and websites and manage social media for small businesses in the Sea to Sky.

When I’m not behind the lens you can find me outside on the water or nose in a book – either way I’m always learning something new.

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